Air Duct Cleaning

Clean air ducts improve energy efficiency and improve air quality in your home.

The Best Air Duct Abatement Technology

When we do a basic service on someone’s air ducts, we have a 2.5′ by 5′ Abatement Technologies Industrial Bulldog Negative Pressure Machine, as well as a smaller 1′ by 3′ machine we use on smaller homes or as a booster attached to the large machine on a bigger home,Abatement Technologies Industrial Bulldog Negative Pressure Machine which we place outside the home.

We attach an air-tight self-contained 1’diameter by 35′ long hose that keeps the debris from touching anything in the home to one of the vents. Then we close all the other vents except for one, allowing negative air flow.

The Best Air Duct Cleaning Technicians

Our technicians wear shoe-covers. We then run the machine for 30 to 45 minutes. While it is running, we inspect all other HVAC systems including the furnace, vents, cold air returns, supply vents, dryer vents, and crawlspace and attic insulation condition. If the customer ops for a deep-cleaning, we use a Blower Machine to steam and sanitize the vents. This is necessary in order to remove pungent odors or mold, or to completely sanitize breathing air.

For any of our residential services, we include a free inspection of all HVAC systems. If there is any damaged or missing parts, we will quote the price of parts and install. If systems are inoperative and further detailed investigation is required, a charge will be made for the inspection, variable depending on the complexity of the issue. Any charges for inspection will be applied as credit for any work done. We maintain relationships with many home services companies, so if there is work that we are not certified to perform, we will find you someone who is.

For crawlspaces and attics, we check the condition of the insulation to see if any of it needs to be removed. We also check the levels of insulation to see if any needs to be added. For crawlspaces we check the condition of the vapor barrier to see if it needs to be replaced. Prices vary depending on severity of issue and size of house.

Inspections are free if we are doing a service on the home. If not, then prices start at $59 depending on size of home or facility and distance, and complexity of systems. Any charges for inspection will be applied as credit towards services purchased.

For commercial facilities, we use a box truck and an industrial Abatement Technologies bulldog negative pressure machine, boosted with a portable negative pressure machine. We clean all air ducts and vents. We provide deep-cleaning services. In addition, we also clean the intake manifold. We may use scaffolding and ladders in order to access difficult to reach HVAC system. Inspections and estimates start at $59, and any charge will be applied as credit to services rendered.

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